In a first stage, a diamond requires extensive analysis by our perceptively gifted and highly skilled rough diamond experts: Kris Bertens (Masters in Aeronautical Engineering) and Isabelle Swolfs (Industrial Engineer in Electronics). They have spent a combined 20 years working at the forefront of technological advancements in the diamond industry.

This is a continuously evolving process. Various groundbreaking techniques have been implemented to accommodate for a precise analysis:

  • Laser mapping
  • Laser marking
  • Inclusion measurement systems
  • New laser cutting systems

Software keeps evolving with newer faster algorithms, more user-friendly interfaces and more precise inclusion measurement software. The outcome of the analysis provides a detailed design and planning on further processing of the rough diamond.

‘Upon joining Simply Sparkling in 2011 I found myself within a young group of driven professionals embracing new technologies to improve the process from rough to polished diamond.’ – Kris Bertens